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Who We Are


We harness the power of woman technologists as solution providers in addressing the world’s needs.

Our mission is to use innovative software technologies, developed, designed and delivered by women, as a tool in solving some of the world's most challenging social and healthcare problems.

How We Can Help You

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    Product Management & Marketing

    Through this process, we work with you to create and define the product. We utilize best-in-class marketing strategies to showcase the product and ultimately, transition it into the marketplace.

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    Competitive Product Analysis

    Before we can begin the work on the development of your product, we must first understand who your competitors are and who your target customers are. We do this through conducting competitive market analysis.

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    Market Research

    Through market research, we want to gather as much information about your customers and what their specific needs and wants are. We do this by going deep into your identified target customer audience and through strategic and data-driven processes, work to ensure your product solves a problem your customers actually have.

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    Project Management

    Our skilled team of PMs work with you to manage the development of your product through initiating, planning, executing, controlling and closing phases. We use the core principles of Project management to ensure your product is a success!

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    Software Development

    After we have gathered all of the data, conducted all of the research, identified who your target customers are and what problems they have, we then build your technological solution. But remember, the work doesn’t stop there!

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